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Pick one of the best rated cars in cold weather and find bags at Vera Bradley

Driving in winter weather doesn’t have to be a challenge.Be ready  for winter and find the best car or SUV.

For a car that tackles winter weather conditions flawlessly consider  a Chevrolet Volt. The four cylinder gas engine to help with the challenging weather. Roomy interior plenty of amenities for a comfortable ride and forget about the cold weather. Start your car from inside your home and heat it up. Chevrolet Volt won’t let you down and keep you driving comfortably for miles.

Visit Vera Bradley to get a bag to have everything it with you while you drive your Chevrolet Volt. Consider a roomy bag with plenty of room and pockets on the inside and opt for Get Carried Away Tote. Keep everything organized and easy to find. Now you won’t forget your phone at home this bag has exterior pockets to slip in and zip. Use a pocket to store your oversized sunglasses to have them handy when the sun comes out.The stylish paisley pattern will make you wear often.

If you prefer an SUV opt for a Jeep Patriot. This SUV offers great performance and features to tackle the cold weather. Jeep Patriot has great  handling for  rough roads and gets you safely to your destination. Get through snow at ease by using the transmission’s AutoStick system. Jeep Patriot’s Hill Descent Control system prevents slipping and helps stabilize SUV when driving on steep roads. No need to adjust temperature this Jeep Patriot has automatic climate control system.

Head to Vera Bradley and get a sleek and water repellant bag and opt for a Midtown Tote. Bag has an exterior hidden slip pocket to keep your phone safe and secured. There is also an exterior padded compartment to place your laptop. The interior has many pockets for placing chargers and beauty necessities.

For a car that goes above and beyond in winter weather consider a Chrysler 200. Sleek looking and well-equipped with nine speed automatic transmission for a smooth drive. Chrysler 200 has an active electronic stability control system to detect slipping and turns wheels around to avoid car veering off the road. Count on a pleasant and warm drive Chrysler 200 has heated seats and automatic control system. Leather seats keep the heat even if you make a stop at the store.

Time to visit Vera Bradley and get a bag. Go for a versatile The Change It Up Tote. A bag in a classic style with modern functionality that adapts to your day. Lightweight with lots of room to pack everything you need. There are two interior and exterior pockets  to fit plenty. Light and comfortable with great support to carry on the shoulder or as a tote.

It’s time to get simply the best and consider a Ford Escape SUV. Your best option for making it safely and driving at ease on slick roads. In case you get stuck in snow or mud, Ford Escape has a good ground clearance to get you out. A powerful Duratec 3.0L V6 engine will keep you driving non-stop. This SUV has an additional electric heater for extra comfort and warmth on long drives. For driving in a snow or rain storm Ford Escape has rain-sensing wipers and bi-xenon HID headlights for clearer road view.

Visit Vera Bradley once again for another bag. Go for a feminine and full of accents bag and opt for a Hadley Tote. Stay connected and don’t let your phone die this bag has a built-in charger pocket. Lightweight with plenty of pockets to carry your day essentials. You can also place a quick snack meal to eat once you make a stop. The hidden pocket will fit iPhone 8 or Note 8.

Drive in comfort and safely on winter weather and get a bag from Vera Bradley.

Dealing With a Car Accident

If you are one that wants to be safe on the road and avoid accidents then you might take to the following ways that will help you to do so.

  • Safety

The first priority that you should be looking forward to is ensuring that both you and your passengers are safe and not hurt on the way. If you see such things are going to happen then it is better to call the emergency services. Giving them the exact location can help you save from troubling situations. Knowing a trained medical professional can be of great help at this moment.

  • Witnesses

Take the help of the people who might have stopped for you. Ask them what they can recollect from the situation. You can ask their phone numbers and addresses. If they are having a vehicle it will be better to note down those numbers. Even if they give wrong phone numbers you will be able to locate them.

  • Photographs

Take photographs of the damage conditions, even if it is not your car. A picture of the location will also be helpful while dealing with the police later and the insurance company. Street locations signage several things that indicate the weather and other factors that might have caused the accident. If you have a car CCTV, be sure that the footage is locked. If there are any injuries, and if they are in proper conditions of taking pictures then click them. Make sure you have all the information because that will help you prevent having scammers.

  • Report the Accident

Damage to your property or others property may be reported to the local authorities that are concerned to handle these cases. Not doing so at the right time might render you in severe consequences. If you suspect that the other person was at fault then you might get saved providing the authorities as evidence.

  • Check the Vehicle

It will be better to move the vehicle to a safe position after the accident causes. Check if it is still in a driving condition. Do not attempt to drive if it is in a bad condition.